Letter to the WNBA

Dear WNBA,

First I was watching the Sparks-Monarchs game online this evening on wnba.com, and the feed died with six seconds to go. I had to find out from twitter that the Sparks won, 59-56.

Not a half hour later, I was watching the Storm-Silver Stars game, and the feed died just after the game went into overtime. I had to find out from other sources, once again, that the Storm won, 85-82.

Why is this service still not working correctly more than halfway into the season? Why was is malfunctioning in the first place? Did you not check and verify the service before you made it available to the public? Why not? And why, with the amount of out of work people in the country right now, can’t you hire a computer tech to come in and fix the problem?

I’m going to make a suggestion to you, because you’re obviously too busy to handle your business: get some teens to fix it. Go to a high school anywhere in New York City and ask teachers there who knows about computers. Then take those kids to your office and let them get to work. As a high school teacher, I can vouch for the fact that they know what they’re doing. They’ve fixed my computer at school when the computer tech guys are slow in getting to my office. They’ve showed me how to navigate and perform other functions. They can fix your “live access” issues so fans could actualy get to see games, and in their entirety.

Let’s get crackin on this. Now.

No love,