WNBA news, plus a lil sociology

Swin Cash kept fighting, now has a successful WNBA career, and is going to turn her journal writings into a book. I like the chutzpah and the intellectualism behind that.

Candace Parker’s hometown newspaper maintains Lisa Leslie isn’t getting the proper sendoff, and I have to agree. I’ve never been a Leslie fan, but it’s sad to me that three of the biggest names in the game – Yolanda Griffith, Sheryl Swoopes and Lisa Leslie – are going out with a whimper and not a bang this year. Each of them have been around for almost two decades, and they deserve more than this.

Finally, on the sociological tip, a Canada online publication writes about a study that found female athletes still apologize for being jocks. But here’s one big positive out of this piece:

“Unfortunately, those types of stereotypes exist, but you have seen a shift,” she says. “Little girls don’t necessarily want to be the skinny models anymore. They want to be fit — healthy and muscular is becoming cool.”