Sparks 59, Sacramento 56

What to think of this box score?

I’m not thrilled that the Sparks had to rally to beat the worst team in the league, but a “w” is a “w,” and I’ll take it.

LA Sparks on twitter reported that “the trainer said BL will see no action tonight.” I asked why, but no reply as of yet. What happened to Betty Lennox??!! I’m trying not to worry.

Another pondering: why did Marie Ferdinand-Harris not play last game and saw one minute of action tonight? Should we be concerned about that too?

CP’s stats are looking more like her….a double-double, at that. Good sign.

Ever since the LA Times ran the story about Vanessa Hayden’s poor conditioning, her production has taken a dip. Zero points tonight, in fact. Hang in there, VH1. Keep doing what you were doing before.

The next game for the Sparks is Tuesday at noon – camp day! I always love that game. It doesn’t take much to excite the little kids.

Edit to add: Kathy Goodman’s blog entry about this game. Best line:

Lindsay releases the ice into her veins and the ball into the air and makes both free throws….