It’s Long Beach Poly vs. Brea Olinda (again) in one Nike TOC final bracket

There is no schedule posted yet for tomorrow – only today’s at this hour. But with the respective victories of Long Beach Poly and Brea Olinda, it appears that the two teams will face each other tomorrow for the second time in three weeks in the finals of the Joe Smith bracket.

In the first game today, Poly beat Mater Dei for the second time in five weeks, 61-56. After I got over my surprise at that, I decided that Brea’s turn at being Mater Dei’s kryptonite was lifted last March when the Monarchs beat them. Now Poly is kryptonite for the Dei.

Beaten up but unbowed Brea held on to beat Bolingbrook in the second game, 59-54.

All results.

I guess I’d just like to know how Carl Buggs and Jeff Sink motivate their teams.