Loving the Friday night lights


No. 18 Arizona toppled No. 4 Utah, 82-72.

More results:

No. 2 Stanford 50, No. 25. USC 47

No. 16 UCLA 67, Cal 54

No. 21 Colorado 70, Arizona State 62

Washington 64, Oregon State 59

Washington State 64, Oregon 57

Columbia 75, Harvard 70

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Tomorrow’s game schedule

College team news:

UNLV has raised the standard with their second straight Mountain West title.

UC Irvine has canceled their next two games due to the lack of available players.

College player news:

Chloe Moore-McNeil is growing into her role as Indiana’s defensive ace.

The sky is the limit for Utah standout Alissa Pili.

Maryland freshman Bri McDaniel found her footing after a trip home.