Things are heating up

Major college news going down:

The Pac-12 is rich, biiatch……they’ll get $3 billion over 12 years by selling the rights to their basketball and football games to FOX and ESPN. How booyah is that?

Charmin Smith – who is staying on as assistant coach at Cal, posted this video showing what she says are the exciting changes coming for the Bears. Good stuff.

Charli Turner Thorne talks a little bit about her decision to take next season off.

LSU Coach Nikki Caldwell announces her freakin’ staff (just playin – I’m past it now).

Colgate’s new coach is Nicci Hays-Fort.


The Tulsa Shock has signed Oklahoma native Betty Lennox. She will be reunited with former LA Sparks teammate Andrea Riley, who went to the Shock a couple months ago.

High school:

Briyona Canty continues to have a helluva year.

ESPN’s Chicago tip sheet and Great Plains tip sheet from the recent viewing weekend.

Fascinating extra:

Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak used to coach together at South Carolina. Now they are business partners, selling sheets:

Walvius and Marciniak no longer are coach and assistant coach. Instead, they’re business partners who have learned to complement each other in their shared venture.

“Michelle is probably more like Pat Summitt,” said Walvius, referring to Tennessee’s coach, “in your face, no tolerance at all. I talk people through things.

“… I’m a processor. She relies on her instincts, and they’re good instincts.”

Marciniak related the personal investment to her Tennessee hoops career and the demands of playing for an ambitious program.

“You have those days when you walk away from practice and you think, ‘I don’t know if I can do this anymore.’ ” she said. “You always get up the next day and you always show up at practice. You lace ’em up. You don’t quit.”

I appreciate that kind of chutzpah.