Still reflecting backward

WNBA player news:

Aces center Ji-Su Park will sit out the 2020 season.

Checking in with Karlie and Katie Lou Samuelson.

Juicy Landrum is ready to seize her WNBA chance.

Jaylen Agnew raises a big question for the Mystics.

College team news:

Oregon State has won the Pac-12 sportsmanship award for the season.

In a season cut short, NC State at least had their moment to celebrate.

Purdue coaches and players are handing out food during the pandemic.

Arizona will host Gonzaga next season.

College player news:

UCLA’s Natalie Chou is breaking through stereotypes and inspiring young Asian girls.

Makenzie Meyer and Kathleen Doyle reflect on their careers at Iowa.

College coach news:

Geno Auriemma reflects on his great moments with Muffet McGraw and says Niele Ivey will do well at Notre Dame.

Jim Littell’s old school approach works for Oklahoma State.

Interview with North Carolina coach Courtney Banghart.

Still stuck in Starkville, the Longhorn staff continues to win on the recruiting trail.

New assistant coaches at Texas will be paid more than their predecessors.

One of those coaches, Johnnie Harris, says the future will be huge.

Cecelia Russell-Nava is UC Irvine’s new associate head coach.