ESPN previews high school season

Just as ESPN did the other day for college hoops, ESPN Rise Magazine asks five burning questions about the high school game. Thought provoking reading, to be sure. Answers:

1. For now, yes.
2. Ogwumike is probably it.
3. Tough to say, but I must agree.
4. When hell freezes over. OK, maybe just Los Angeles.
5. I think so. But it’ll take more time.

Elsewhere on ESPN, pre-season rankings are tied up with a report on Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA) forward Alexyz Vaioletama. I caught the talented junior sitting out of a club ball tournament in early October wrapping the knees of her teammates in her spare time. She has still not been cleared to play, due to the stress fractures in her legs. This is a bummer for me, as I enjoy Vaioletama’s game more than anyone else on her team, and I was looking forward to seeing her play at the HAX this weekend.

In the meantime, St. Mary’s High School of Stockton, CA is atop the rankings once again. Brea Olinda of Brea, CA is ranked eighth. California the tops, indeed.