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NCAA exploring potential changes to NCAA Tournament

The NCAA is looking into changing the NCAA Tournament format:

NEW YORK — College women’s basketball is exploring ways to change the format of the NCAA tournament, including moving the Final Four back a week to avoid overlap with the end of the men’s tournament.

In a survey given to the conferences and obtained by The Associated Press, the women’s basketball oversight committee laid out a few potential changes that wouldn’t take place until 2019, at the earliest. The date change would put the women’s Final Four on the same weekend as the Masters.

The committee is asking the schools and conferences for feedback on several alterations, including having the opening round at 32 sites and having the second round and regionals played at the same location. Moving the Final Four back would add a bye week to the tournament schedule.

From my observation, them looking into it means it’s already a done deal.

Personally, I’m still wondering about this year’s Final Four, and what it means since the dates have changed.