NCAA players don’t trust their coaches

Well that’s not encouraging.

An NCAA survey of Division I athletes revealed that only 39 percent of women’s basketball players trust their coaches to accurately define success. So after all that club ball, scouting and visiting – this? Interesting.

Cal lost to BOTH Washington state teams over the weekend. (Yikes!) They’re distressed.

UConn plays North Carolina tonight. Maya Moore discusses the privilege of playing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

And while we’re on the topic, it’s worth reflecting that the 1966 Texas-El Paso situation chronicled in the movie “Glory Road” wasn’t that long ago. Thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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  1. The other 39% are naive. Cal's coach should be taking some of the blame. After all she is the coach and it's her responsibility. I've heard that she works the players to hard in practice and they're worn out by game time. It's not how much you practice, but what you do in it that counts. And hooray for Dr. Martin Luther King that has made life alot better for most people and many don't even know it.