Just a little bit of “hmmmm”

Today’s unsurprising results:

#5 Louisville 73, Belmont 50

#6 Maryland 100, UMass Lowell 44

#13 Tennessee 85, Navy 55

#16 Oklahoma 80, Southern Illinois 48

#18 Arizona State 82, San Jose State 37

Results that make you go hmmmm:

#23 Indiana 94, VAnderbilt 61…..strong statement by the Hoosiers, who are now 2-0.

George Washington 56, Princeton 45…..the golden Tiger era seems to be slowing down, as they are 0-2.

Oregon 84, Lamar 67…..all but one Duck scored today, including all members of the stellar freshman class. Wow.

Iowa 84, Hampton 51…..bounce-back season for the Hawkeyes? They’re 2-0.

Clemson 78, Western Carolina 63……the Tigers are finally rising?

Duke 68, Penn 55…..Blue Devils are back?

Wichita State 62, Creighton 54…..the Bluejays are 0-2.

St. Francis 103, Wisconsin 100….the Badgers are 0-2.

More 2-0’s:

Virginia, Georgia, Michigan State, Northwestern, South Dakota, South Dakota State, Michigan, Green Bay, Virginia Tech, Long Beach State, Colorado, Gonzaga, Ole Miss and LSU.

All scores.

College team news:

UConn’s young team faces challenges without superstars.

An anti-bullying PSA was shown during yesterday’s Iowa State game.

UTEP is struggling in the absence of suspended Jenzel Nash.

Oklahoma will rely on experience this season.