First Friday in July


The Chicago Sky waived Abi Olajuwon, and then had the nerve to call her time with the team, “a great learning experience.” I want the Sky to lose now.

Candace Parker will go home to Chicago during the break to conduct a basketball clinic for some lucky youngstas. And by the way – Parker twittered today that this was her first day getting out of the house since her shoulder surgery Monday. She called herself “the one-armed bandit.”

Kathy Goodman blogged about the Sparks’ win last night.


The NCAA will publish the Academic Performance Report of coaches for their student athletes. This could be interesting.

Oregon State’s football coach helped convince Scott Rueck to take the women’s basketball coach job.

It seems like yesterday that we were watching Abby Waner play for Duke. But it wasn’t – she’s now part of the Colorado State University football radio announcer team.

USA Basketball:

Hmmmm, maybe my diatribe on USA Basketball’s Facebook page helped: they’re going to stream the U17 championship game. I’m waiting for a DVD of the U18 game that I wanted to see but couldn’t.