Noelle Quinn thriving in LA

I guess that permanent smile Quinn always wears is because she’s so happy to be playing in her hometown. This is some great testimony from teammates past and present, and I love Coach Michael Cooper’s quote:

“She’s a great role player. I thought she came in and stepped up, played some big minutes and knocked some big shots down,” guard Betty Lennox said of Quinn’s career-high performance against Seattle. “That’s what we need.”

Yet Quinn is more than a spark off the bench. Blue described her as “one of the greatest people I’ve ever met,” citing Quinn’s friendship and support, which often entailed sending cards full of Bible scriptures. Sparks center Vanessa Hayden says she can “tell Noelle anything and I know it will remain between Noelle and I.”

But it is Quinn’s presence on the court that prompted Cooper to say, “She’s linoleum, because she’s all over the place.”