Lady Vols begin individual workouts


(Thank god) there are only three frosh this year. Taber Spani sounds like she ate metal for breakfast. Kamiko Williams and Faith Dupree are probably laying in bed right now, staring at the ceiling:

Freshman Faith Dupree:
“The intensity was a lot higher than what it was in high school and I learned that we need to be loud and communicate with everyone on the floor. Having gone through high school with Coach Collier (former Lady Vol and Webb School coach Shelley Sexton-Collier), I thought I would be somewhat ready for the first day, but things were definitely more intense than high school.”

Freshman Taber Spani:
“We waited all summer to get in here with the coaches and it’s finally here; I’m really excited. This is my dream becoming a reality. I love the hard work, the focus and the intensity. You can tell what makes this staff and program special and why they’ve won eight national titles. I’m excited to go after number nine this year.”

Freshman Kamiko Williams:
“This was a very different experience from high school, but I enjoyed it. In only a day, I was able to learn a lot and know what I need to improve upon. I’ve never had to play defense like this, so that was clear that I need to work on that part of my game. The coaches are all very good with details and communicating exactly what they want us to do.”