Courtney Paris “wasn’t familiar with a lot of the WNBA players”?

In an interview published in today’s Oklahoman, former Sooner and Monarchs rookie Courtney Paris says she’s unhappy with her minutes. But at the same time, she confesses:

“I can’t honestly say I was familiar with a lot of the players and what they do,” she said. “In the summers, I was doing stuff, so it’s not like I paid attention as much to the WNBA.

I wish that were an uncommon perspective, but I’ve found that it’s not. Plenty of female high school basketball players don’t watch many WNBA games, and/or don’t know who key players are even if they don’t tune in. I can think of only one girl off the top of my head who I can have an intelligent conversation with about WNBA players.

It’s definitely a classic mistake of youth – being unprepared. And it can be somewhat overlooked in high school. But if you’re one of the top collegiate players in the country for practically all four years at your school, and it looks like the WNBA will want to draft you when you’re done, you should have thought to start checking up on the players and the games earlier.