Still getting used to this “no basketball” thing

WNBA news:

Jackson State’s Ameshya Williams-Holiday wants to set the tone for HBCUs in the draft.

Kierstan Bell is ready for the draft.

The Aces are eager to see what the draft can provide.

Curt Miller hopes the Sun’s late pick yields a missing piece to a championship.

The Lynx are drafting for training camp competition……they have an embarrassment of riches.

The sad reality of the draft.

Interest in women’s basketball is growing, but can the WNBA keep the pace?

How James Wade went from player in Memphis to WNBA champion.

College player news:

Indiana has landed transfer Sydney Parrish and Sam Brunelle will attend Virginia.

Elysa Wesolek and Eniya Russell will transfer from South Carolina.

Jenna Brown will transfer from Stanford.