The game is growing

Before lunch, West Coast time today, there had been two upsets. A couple hours later, there was one more. Then there were upset-ish wins of the unranked kind, and some close ones. This is VERY exciting because it shows how the game is growing! So many more teams can really compete than even five years ago, when all predicted UConn for the Championship again. The future is bright!


No. 18 South Florida edged No. 7 Stanford, 57-54.

Kent State toppled No. 19 UCLA, 75-69.

Missouri State took down No. 24 Virginia Tech, 76-68.

Vanderbilt 51, Rutgers 40

Pitt 72, Northwestern 60

Green Bay 57, Oklahoma State 54

More results:

No. 1 South Carolina 79, Elon 38

No. 6 Baylor 62, Arizona State 52

No. 9 Arizona 75, DePaul 68

No. 11 Tennessee 68, Kansas 58

No. 12 Michigan 61, No. 16 Oregon State 52

No. 13 Iowa State 75, Charlotte 59

No. 23 Texas A&M 58, South Dakota 44

Georgia 71, Notre Dame 67 (OT)

Gonzaga 89, Utah 71

Florida Gulf Coast 81, Tennessee Tech 69

LSU 72, New Mexico State 52

Michigan State 84, Oakland 71

Cal 82, Furman 73

Nebraska 65, Drexel 53

UMass 81, South Dakota State 63

Marquette 59, Middle Tennessee 55 (OT)

Rhode Island 80, Virginia 70

North Carolina 72, VCU 59

Fordham 67, Houston 53

Army 87, Maine 81 (2OT)

Seton Hall 68, Toledo 63 (OT)

All scores

Tomorrow’s game schedule….is once again packed the heck out

College team news:

Maryland and Stanford will face each other tomorrow both coming off of losses.

UMass is at full strength, and off to an impressive start.

Siena hopes their return home will cure their scoring woes.

College player news:

Aliyah Boston’s improved fitness is helping her excel for South Carolina.

How Stanford and Cal are raking in NIL deals without superstar status.

UConn transfer Saylor Poffenbarger has committed to Arkansas.

Selena Philoxy has received clearance to play for Siena, beginning tomorrow.