News feed spike

WNBA team news:

The Fever used the draft to create a size advantage in the paint.

What will the Mystics face if this season is canceled?

WNBA player news:

Kristi Toliver continues her balancing act.

Moriah Jefferson plans a “home sweet home” rebirth into the league.

Megan Walker says UConn prepared her well for the WNBA.

Jocelyn Willoughby is headed home after being drafted in the top ten.

After an unpredictable draft night, Kiah Gillespie is ready to get to work in the WNBA.

Interviewing the Lynx draftees.

How seven hoopers are staying fit at home.

How Diana Taurasi torched the Internet last weekend.

WNBA coach news:

Sun coach Curt Miller discusses the grind.

College team news:

Change precedes the 2020-2021 Stanford season.

College player news:

The NCAA has granted Oregon State forward Taya Corosdale a medical redshirt season.

Former Sun Devil Michelle Tom is braving the COVID-19 front lines in Navajo territory.

College coach news:

Kelly Graves’ journey from plowing potatoes to growing basketball programs.

UTEP coach Kevin Baker said the pandemic has made him a better recruiter.

Kelsey Hogan is keeping it in the family as New Hampshire’s interim head coach.

Catching up with Purdue assistant coach Michael Scruggs.

Alysiah Bond is Missouri State’s new assistant coach.

Jamie Carey is a new assistant coach at North Texas.

High school news:

Which high school prospect could be the next WNBA great?

General sports news:

The shutdown of sports will cost at least $12 billion.