Some feel-good stuff

College team news:

Washington’s pen pal program is building relationships and bonds.

Depth has set Marquette up for an extended postseason run.

Clemson is the NCAA’s team of the week.

Oregon State is not just a three-point shooting team.

Portland State is off to a strong start.

Marist is adjusting with a rash of injuries.

Is parity arriving? (Yes)

College player news:

The Mabrey sisters are on opposite sides when Notre Dame takes on Virginia Tech, and their sibling rivalry is renewed.

Ohio: Dominique Doseck’s journey to becoming a basketball genius.

State native Taylor Kissinger is finding success at Nebraska.

Iowa State’s sophomores have made the improvements the team needed.

College coach news:

Georgia coach Joni Taylor keeps coaching and running through her pregnancy.

The Gophers’ struggles will be another test of Lindsay Whalen’s resilience.

Arkansas Pine Bluff has fired coach Nate Kilbert.

Today’s scores

Tomorrow’s game schedule features two intriguing Big Ten matchups: Purdue-Rutgers and Northwestern-Indiana.

High school news:

The inside story of Maori Davenport’s triumphant return.

Davenport’s coach is happy to see her smile again.

USA Today’s top 25 rankings.

ESPN’s top 25 rankings.

WNBA news:

The full list of core, reserved, restricted and unrestricted free agents has been released.

Off-season preview.

Senior watch: Ogunbowale vs. Durr.