The “Ice” story continues

Candice Wiggins stood by her comments alleging she was bullied in the WNBA for being straight – to the San Diego Union Tribune.

She refused to talk to ESPN, as did the WNBA:

But I don’t understand the WNBA’s decision as an organization to not make even the simplest official statement to defend itself. (Although the WNBA’s often tardy responses to “negative” stories is a separate topic, and one that has been a consistent flaw of the league.)

But plenty of former players had things to say:

DeLisha Milton-Jones, who won two WNBA titles and appeared in more games than any player in league history, said she was baffled by Wiggins’ remarks. “I know Candice as a sweet, intelligent young lady,” said Milton-Jones, who now is an assistant coach at Pepperdine. “I don’t want to take anything from her experiences while in the league, so I can only speak for what I experienced firsthand. And it’s in complete contradiction of what’s been stated by Candice.

“The WNBA has allowed many of us to live a dream. I pray that Candice does find peace with her life and is able to move forward without devaluing or diminishing what’s been priceless to so many others in the league.”

Wiggins’ former coach, Stanford’s Tara VanDerveer, defended the WNBA from the allegations.

A person willing to make extremely strong allegations should be willing to talk to anyone about them.

I don’t understand the league’s silence, either.