To grow the game, you have to see the game

They’re Playing Basketball

Great point here:

The WNBA kicked of its 20th season on May 14 with a nationally televised game between the reigning champion Minnesota Lynx and the rejuvenated Phoenix Mercury. It was a marquee matchup featuring the return of Diana Taurasi — arguably the best player in the league. The game aired on ESPN in a primetime Saturday night slot and, according to, pulled in the highest ratings on the network for a WNBA regular season game since 2001.

And that was that.

The season is now well underway and there hasn’t been a game on ESPN/ESPN 2 since. But if the ratings and viewership started out so well, the question is — why not? Why not capitalize on the momentum? Why not build on the level of interest?

The WNBA has definitely been doing better with marketing this season. They’re having player interview with the press prior to big games, and they’re stepping up their social media game. But the game broadcasts do need to increase, and the “Watch Me Work” campaign needs to be elevated to a much higher level. Those spots should be aired all day, every day, on as many channels as they can afford.

Keep working, WNBA.