Pay attention to your smaller and independent media sources

In 1983, 50 companies controlled media in the United States. By 2012, that number had dropped significantly due to mergers and acquisitions. The six corporations that now control 90 percent of the media in this country are:

Time Warner Cable






According to this piece, that means 232 executives control the media diet of 277 million Americans. That’s a truly scary thought.

The same is true of ESPN in the sports world: it controls most of the media in that sphere. That’s why their stuff gets tweeted by the NCAA, the WNBA and many of the teams therein.

And this is why you are best to actively seek out independent WBB media, too. Obviously, if you’re reading this, you already do. But pass it along, and check out other independent WBB news sites and twitter accounts. Because as the news machine is currently saturating the public with Donald Trump, the mainstream sports media is snowing us with Breanna Stewart, and a few other select story lines.

Seek a wide variety of news sources to be as informed as you possibly can. Women’s basketball is full of fascinating people all around the country. The more news outlets you read, the more knowledgeable you will be about the WBB community, and all the issues surrounding it.