Time to get off the stage

I have all these postseason topics to write about, to put some closure on what might be the best year of women’s college basketball so far. Two columnists today (two who can write full time for a living) beat me to one of those ideas.

Philadelphia’s Sam Donnellon asks, “Nothing against UConn, but where was the drama?” (in the Championship game).

He says blowouts are dull, and are a deflating letdown to a great tournament. I couldn’t agree more. And every male ball player, coach or fan that I know who supports women’s hoops expressed the same sentiments to me while apologetically explaining why they wouldn’t be watching the title match up.

Speaking of viewership, New York’s Ryan Chatelain says that though the Huskies are great, the ratings were low for the Championship game. Again, it’s not fun when you already know the outcome. Villanova’s surprise upset of North Carolina Monday night in the men’s tournament – that was fun. Women’s basketball fans have been hoping and hoping something similar would happen to UConn, but no dice.

Anyone who’s dared to say they’re tired of the Huskies the last few years has been dismissed with the tired “don’t complain, just get better” line, which I addressed previously. But that’s getting the issues confused.

I’ll make it clear, UConn: all of us basketball fans, including the long-timers like myself, don’t hate you. We don’t think you’re “bad for the game.” We’re just tired of you. You’ve been to the Final Four each of the last nine years, and have won six of the Championships during that time. You’ve kicked every team’s ass in your conference(s) back to front, front to back. ESPN promotes you more than they promote their own selves; they might as well be named ESPConN.

It’s no different than the 1950’s, when my Dad’s generation was sick of the New York Yankees, or the 1960’s-1970’s, when hoops fans were tiring of UCLA’s dominance. And it’s certainly nothing personal, so don’t anyone fall into that modern-day trap of hypersensitivity.

Dear Huskies of greatness, thanks for everything, but it’s time to get off the stage. Let’s see some more upsets – of YOU.