There’s only one thing I’m more sick of right now than hearing people say “just catch up” to Connecticut: Central and Eastern time zone dwellers saying they’ve not seen West coast teams play because the games are on too late for them.

They use this excuse to justify their ignorance about teams and players from Colorado on westward, including two of our Final Four teams. I saw supposedly knowledgeable people on twitter over the weekend saying they’d never seen Washington’s Kelsey Plum play – one of the best ballers in the country – or Oregon State, who have been ranked in the top 10 all season long.

Today I also heard reporters asking West coast coaches questions that have already been answered in many a story this season. Why not pay attention instead?

I don’t buy the late excuse. There’s thing thing called recording the game that’s been going on for a long time. There is video all over the Internet of players and teams, even on youtube. I have a friend in Spain who watches every Pac-12 game from halfway around the world, and people who live 1500 miles from me saying they can’t get the channel.

I maintain that if you’re a true fan of the sport, you’ll be informed. You’ll at least find some video somewhere to watch, and you’ll read some stories. Hell, I link them all right here. And I keep up with all the East coast and Southern teams just fine.

There’s no excuse for ignoring the toughest RPI conference in the country. I’m going to need you all to JUST CATCH UP.