Bracket contemplations

Today’s wonderful selection show revealed the bracket.

Sioux Falls regional thoughts:

* Arizona State a #2 seed?
* Glad Tennessee made it. They deserved to after their upset of TAMU in the SEC Tournament.
* I disagree with the selection of Princeton. They were not impressive this year. And West Virginia will probably beat them up.
* Syracuse-Army, Florida-Albany, and George Washington-Kansas State are all very intriguing match ups that could go either way. Forget the seedings. It’ll be whomever is the strongest mentally in all three games.
* Poor Jacksonville. Buffalo might be smarting Friday, too.

Lexington regional thoughts:

* Why in the world is South Dakota in this regional and not the Sioux Falls regional? That’s disrespectful to fans.
* Georgia-Indiana could be an awesome game. Kudos to Bulldog first-year coach Joni Taylor for getting her team to the Big Dance.
* Looking forward to seeing how Washington-Penn and Oklahoma-Purdue match up.
* Poor NC A&T and poor Iona.

Dallas regional thoughts:

* St. John’s and Auburn: seeded similarly, but completely different styles of play. Fun stuff.
* DePaul and James Madison should be a tough game. A really tough game that I wish I could see in person.
* I predict Oklahoma State kicks St. Bonaventure’s behinds. Louisville will likely do the same to Central Arkansas, and Florida State, to Middle Tennessee.
* Texas A&M-Missouri AGAIN?
* Poor Idaho and poor Troy.

Bridgeport regional thoughts:

* Poor Robert Morris.
* I would also pay to sit courtside at Seton Hall-Duquesne.
* BYU-Missouri looks like a goodie, as does South Florida-Colorado State.
* Funniest moment of the selection show was a clip of Texas coach Karen Aston telling her team to “get their asses in position.” I have a feeling they’ll be ready to go against Alabama State.

Fill out your own bracket.

All but four of my picks made it.