Catching up on news

Program news:

Ole Miss has been charged with violating NCAA rules in women’s basketball, among two other sports.

Team news:

Will Colorado continue to slide?

New Mexico is focusing on one game at a time.

Auburn scored the lowest point total in SEC history last night.

Iowa snapped a three-game losing streak last night.

Despite their blowouts, UConn is still focused on improving.

Player news:

Austrian star Sigi Koizar has found her niche at UMaine.

Louisville’s Emmonnie Henderson follows her field of dreams.

Texas’ Imani Boyette has won the Haier Achievement Award.

Patience has paid off for Fresno State’s Toni Smith.

Alexis Jones is back on her game for Baylor.

Coach news:

First-year coach Stephanie Oliver has reinvigorated LIU basketball.

North Carolina coach Sylvia Hatchell will serve a two-game suspension this weekend for making contact with an official during a game last week.

WNBA news:

Phoenix forward Diana Taurasi will play this season.