Game 4 redux

Game 4 transcripts:

Q. Cheryl, despite the defensive show, in the fourth quarter they had one basket. You guys were fouling on purpose, obviously. Just talk about your defense in the first seven minutes of that

COACH REEVE: We finally decided to try to get after it. We identified before the game that, in order to win a Championship, we had to play great defense. Just play great defense. And we just didn’t get that done until we had that sense of urgency in the fourth quarter. Too late. It’s too late at that point. It gave us a chance.
But had we kind of had that sense of urgency and activity early in the game, that would have been better for us.

Q. Stephanie, talk to us about the character of this team, a team that most folks outside of the city of Indianapolis didn’t believe could get to this point, especially during the middle of the season. Talk to us about what you’ve seen, the growth and development of this team.

COACH WHITE: Well, I’ve seen a team that, first and foremost, has a hunger to play for each other. There are games where some people don’t get in. There are games where players play more than others. There are games when players play different positions. There are games where we’ve faced so much adversity with injuries.

And this team has been so unselfish throughout this entire season, and they’re in it for the greater good of the team. That’s why we’re here because of the selflessness, because of the sacrifice, because of all 12 of our players. That’s why we’re here. Had we had one or two that complained about not playing or get a little bit selfish throughout the season, then we’re not here.

And Tamika Catchings has a heart of a champion. And Tamika Catchings refuses to lose. And this team has really taken on that identity, and this team, every single player on this team has improved dramatically as the season has went on.

Full-court pressure from the Fever and foul trouble kept the Lynx from closing out last night.

Minnesota and coach Cheryl Reeve were frustrated in the loss.

Tamika Catchings refused to let the Fever lose – again.

Catchings won the match up of the stars when it counted.

“We have the heart of a champion — and Tamika Catchings,” Fever coach Stephanie White said. “I really love this team.”

White started, and Shenise Johnson finished Indiana’s rally, that lead to victory.

The Fever are thankful for fan support through the ups and downs of the season.

Time is running out to watch Tamika Catchings before she retires next year.

Game 5 sets the stage for a culmination of an all-time great finals series.