2015 NCAA Tournament bracket analysis

The bracket is out, and the first and second-round regionals locations are announced.

Now that the dust has settled…….

The number one seeds are Connecticut, Maryland, Notre Dame and South Carolina, which isn’t at all surprising. Other seedings are more difficult to discern. Considering the ratings percentage indexes of all of the chosen teams, below, their Tournament seeds don’t always make sense.

Notre Dame (ACC) 1
Tennessee (SEC) 2
South Carolina (SEC) 3
Baylor (BIG12) 4
Connecticut (AMER) 5
Maryland (BIG10) 6
Louisville (ACC) 7
Kentucky (SEC) 8
Iowa (BIG10) 9
Florida State (ACC) 10
George Washington (A-10) 11
Duke (ACC) 12
Princeton (IVY) 13
Dayton (A-10) 14
North Carolina (ACC) 15
Stanford (PAC12) 16
Florida Gulf Coast (A-SUN) 17
Oregon State (PAC12) 18
Arizona State (PAC12) 19
Texas (BIG12) 20
Chattanooga (SOCON) 21
Green Bay (HL) 22
Oklahoma (BIG12) 23
Quinnipiac (MAAC) 24
California (PAC12) 25
James Madison (CAA) 26
South Florida (AMER) 27
Western Kentucky (C-USA) 28
Ohio State (BIG10) 29
Mississippi State (SEC) 30
Washington (PAC12) 31
Northwestern (BIG10) 32
Arkansas-Little Rock (SBC) 33
Nebraska 34
Syracuse (ACC) 35
Texas A&M (SEC) 36
Wichita State (VALLEY) 37
DePaul (BIGEAST) 38
Pittsburgh (ACC) 39
Seton Hall (BIGEAST) 40
Arkansas (SEC) 41
Rutgers (BIG10) 42
Gonzaga (WCC) 43
Minnesota (BIG10) 44
Oklahoma State (BIG12) 45
Duquesne (A-10) 46
Arkansas State (SBC) 47
American (PATRIOT) 48
South Dakota State (SUMM) 49
Tulane (AMER) 50
Pennsylvania (IVY) 51
Ohio (MAC) 52
Brigham Young (WCC) 53
Iowa State (BIG12) 54
Louisiana State (SEC) 55
Georgia (SEC) 56
Stetson (A-SUN) 57
Fresno State (MWC) 58
Vanderbilt (SEC) 59
San Diego (WCC) 60
Saint Mary’s (WCC) 61
Miami (Fla.) (ACC) 62
Kansas State (BIG12) 63
East Carolina (AMER) 64
Texas Christian (BIG12) 65
Michigan (BIG10) 66
Pacific (WCC) 67
Washington State (PAC12) 68
Middle Tennessee (C-USA) 69
Fordham (A-10) 70
Liberty (BSOUTH) 71
Villanova (BIGEAST) 72
Cal State Northridge (BWC) 73

Numerous hoops fans are decrying 30-0 Princeton’s No. 8 seed, saying they should have got at least a fourth seed. I am equally baffled the other way, wondering how Kentucky could have got a 2, Iowa a 3 and Washington a 6 seed.

I wonder how Tulane, Miami and LSU made it into the bracket. Wright State was snubbed.

Other thoughts:

Five teams in the Pac 12 make it! Eight ACC teams make it!

Mid-majors on the rise!

The 8 vs. 9-seed games are usually the most contentious. I am especially intrigued by the No. 8 Minnesota vs. No. 9 DePaul match up.

No. 5 Ohio State vs. No. 12 James Madison should be a good game, because OSU is seeded a bit high, and JMU, too low.

Other intriguing games: No. 7 Chattanooga vs. No. 10 Pitt; No. 6 Texas A&M vs. No. 11 UALR; and No. 7 Northwestern vs. No. 10 Arkansas.

Let’s get this thing started.