Pac 12 teams racing toward an unforeseen finish

Pac 12 teams racing toward an unforeseen finish.

Who would have thought we would see standings like this, with one more week to go…..

Oregon St 15-1 25-2
Arizona St 13-3 24-4
California 12-4 20-7
Stanford 12-4 20-8
Washington 9-7 20-8
USC 7-9 15-12
UCLA 7-9 11-16
Washington St 6-10 15-12
Colorado 5-11 12-15
Oregon 5-11 12-15
Utah 3-13 9-18
Arizona 2-14 9-18

When preseason predictions were like this:

1. STANFORD (7) 116
2. CALIFORNIA (3) 111
3. OREGON STATE (2) 105
4. UCLA 84
6. USC 65
9. OREGON 48
11. UTAH 28
12. ARIZONA 12

But I don’t know about you….I didn’t think those preseason predictions were right in the first place.

Here are some notes from watching the Arizona schools play UCLA this weekend:

– I love ASU point guard Elisha Davis’ style. She’s 5-foot-3 and is a complete boss on the court, with the hand gestures and everything. She also has a sense of humor. During one play she ran for the ball save and ended up going halfway over the courtside seats next to me. She pulled herself off of the women she’d fallen on, and then bent down and smoothed her hair before running back on to the court. The apology was accepted.

– The Bruins are getting better. They’re playing hard and are taking more risks in the game. It looks like their confidence is improving along with their play, too. Today’s win was a great mental boost for them, as they had a lot of fun on the court. They’re going to be very good soon. Jordin Canada’s behind-the-back assist was the coolest thing I’ve seen in three weeks.