WNBA star Shoni Schimmel visits Western Montana Indian reservation

Shoni Schimmel visited a Western Montana Indian reservation today to inspire young people to succeed in school:

Shoni’s message was clear and simple: She expressed the importance of staying in school, getting good grades, listening to your parents, staying away from drugs and alcohol and always believing in yourself.

The former Louisville superstar grew up in poverty, but her commitment to basketball presented her with the opportunity to prosper. Her journey from tough times growing up on the reservation serves as inspiration.

“She’s not only big on this reservation, but just all over the country. You know young people look up to her knowing that she did it and she’s been in the position that they were at, at one time in their life, and to see her be successful, you know its amazing her influence,” Salish Kootenai College Athletic Director Juan Perez said.