A plateful

Preseason action:

Last night, Tina Thompson lead the Storm to a 63-59 win over the Shock.

Today, New York notched at 78-67 win over Connecticut, and the Lynx opened preseason with a 74-57 romp over the Mystics.

Other WNBA news:

Dream….CEO Ashley Preisinger is adjusting to life in basketball.

Lynx….Janel McCarville is a Wisconsin farm girl at heart.

Sky….Swin Cash on basketball, the WNBA and fashion.

Elena Delle Donne relies on strong family ties.

College news:

Hmm, wonder if Brittney Griner and her former coach are talking. Because the former Baylor star says Kim Mulkey told players not to be open about their sexuality because it would hurt recruiting and be bad for the program.

Akyah Taylor has left Michigan State.

USA Basketball:

Kara Lawson had some wise words for U19 trials participants today.

Cierra Burdick returns to her summer time roots.

Brittany Hrynko is stepping up to the competition.


  1. Another reason not to like Mulkey very much. Griner has previously stated she came out to her parents in the ninth grade. Mulkey's daughter played club ball with Griner for years which is what gave Baylor the inside track to Griner to begin with. Point being Mulkey recruited Griner knowing full well she was a lesbian in spite of Baylor's well known policies. Not very smart assuming playing by the rules was a priority for Mulkey.

    I'm not a particularly religious person but I do believe that a private Baptist university has the right to their beliefs and policies. I don't know what else Baylor could have done about it. They certainly couldn't kick Griner off campus if and when they found out she was gay or all hell would have broken loose.

    It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to recruit ballers that understand and can live with whatever rules and regs a given school has in place. Mulkey intentionally ignored Baylor's policies and then shut Griner down when she started talking about her sexuality. They ought to terminate Mulkey.

  2. Anonymous 1: you said Kim Mulkey "shut Griner down." I suspect Kim asks her all players to maintain a discreet public profile, whatever their sexuality.

    By the way, there were lesbian players on Kim Mulkey's team before Brittney Griner (and I don't just mean Emily Niemann/Nkosi).

  3. I'm sure Baylor did (and does) have their share of lesbian ballers just like pretty much every other D1 WCBB program. Hard to know Mulkey's stated expectations of her team relative to their public profile. Public discretion used to be standard policy in all college ball but it seems things are changing. A good example would be Cal.

    The issue here is that ESPNW's resident gender warrior Kate Fagan didn't decide to make a big deal about the Baylor situation until Griner gained a significant national press following with her move to the W. The story wasn't a surprise coming from Fagan. That's just how she rolls. It does highlight Mulkey's hypocrisy in the deal.

    Griner is obviously a unique case. It was crystal clear to anyone familiar with the lifestyle that she was gay in her first year at Baylor. As things worked out it was best she remained closeted while at Baylor. Had she been out it would have caused issues with the school and her unfortunate assault of Jordan Barncastle could have gotten even more ugly and polarizing than it did.

    Things probably worked out as well as they could have under the circumstances. If Fagan was trying to kick up dust with this story she accomplished her goal.