Rumors and news


I heard this today too, that Texas is talking to Karen Aston about becoming head coach. But I also heard that the school’s board of regents still needs to vote on it.

Is Auburn talking to MaChelle Joseph and Kellie Harper?

Another great tip I heard, but don’t have a link for: Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is down to four final candidates for head coach, to replace Julie Wilhoit.

Could Kate Paye succeed Tara VanDerveer?


Skylar Diggins has won the 2012 Nancy Lieberman Award.

Something I’ve always thought: Kara Lawson kicks major booty as an ESPN commentator.


Women continue to break stereotypes as athletes. Why can’t they catch a break as coaches?


I’m in Denver for the Final Four, and will be posting updates via, that I will link here. Any questions? Post them and I’ll do my best to answer.