Rosalind Ross’ alleged killer pleads not guilty

If you haven’t already cringed or felt pain over the story of Rosalind Ross’ death, this story will do it for you:

Ross was in court wearing a t-shirt with his older sister’s picture on it.

Not only has this been tough losing his sister, he and his family were also very close with Willoughby.

“That hurts the most when it was someone so close to the family,” he said.

That closeness was on full display outside of court when Willoughby’s father, Craig Harp, embraced Ross’s father, apologizing on his daughter’s behalf.

“It definitely means a lot to our family,” said Ross.

“I wanted to give my condolences to the family. I’m so sorry for their loss,” said Harp with tears streaming down his eyes. “May God be with us all.”

Ouch doesn’t begin to cover it.