A little bit of everything during college recruiting season

Lisa Leslie is in video news today. She and Rick Mahorn chat again about the WNBA finals. This time they have Stephanie Ready on hand to break up any possible disagreements.

Leslie and husband Michael Lockwood discuss Lockwood’s new book. He says women have power over men but don’t realize it.

More on the Storm win last night – much more:

Yep, Seattle loves good basketball. It was volcanic inside Key Arena last night.

The Storm have young fans and older fans.

The next game tomorrow night is in Atlanta, and Seattle knows that won’t be easy at all.

On the USA Basketball tip, Tamika Catchings still uses the loss in 2006 as a motivator.

In high school…..it’s been written about before, but ESPN’s Mark Lewis breaks down well why recruits should be careful on Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites.

And just a note while we’re on the age group: it’s fall so that means it’s official visit time for high school recruits – not to mention home visits. Don’t verbal or sign before you’ve taken all five of your visits, athletes. Make a “pros and cons” chart. Talk with family and friends. And enjoy this exciting time in your life, even if it’s scary sometimes.