Let’s see NBA players do this

I’m very impressed with the Los Angeles Sparks.

They recently visited the Imperial Courts housing project in Watts to conduct a clinic/activity day for kids and their parents. The video at the top of this page encapsulates the day.

Non-Angelinos may not appreciate this, so let me break it down: Watts is one of the most gang-plagued areas in the world. News agencies and others from all over the world sign up months in advance with LAPD for the chance to do a ride-along and see it for themselves. Watts is also one of the lowest-income areas in Los Angeles, and Imperial Courts is in the heart of it all. Believe me when I say that if any kids need some love, Watts children should be at the top of the list.

I don’t know who in the Sparks organization thought of this, but I give them props. Going to the projects, helping the battered women’s shelter and cleaning up the beach shows us what you’re all about. And it’s obviously good stuff.