ESPN writer says USA Basketball snubs incomprehensible

For once, Glenn Nelson and I agree on something: cutting Moriah Jefferson and Ariya Crook-Williams from the USA rosters is some bull:

USA Basketball selection committees almost are legendary for sending messages to player pools. In this case, the dispatch is confounding: If you nearly made the team one year on one leg, pick yourself off the floor, and come back the next and reveal yourself to be one of the nation’s truly luminary, young basketball products, that still isn’t enough.

If there is a puzzle into which a player such as Jefferson, the hyper-kenetic, ultra-creative point guard from Glenn Heights, Texas, does not fit, then USA Basketball should reveal that puzzle, not make everyone assume its composition by revealing only the other pieces. Does USA Basketball have a blueprint for what constitutes the “American style” of hoops? If so, why keep it such a secret?

It makes no sense.