Sparks Fan Fest report

I wasn’t there, but fellow season ticket holder MW was. She reports that the “meet the team” event was held outdoors at the Grove in Los Angeles. The team rotated between three areas: the autograph table, a basketball hoop where they shot baskets with fans, and a photograph area. Fans had a chance to mingle and talk with team members, and MW was particulary happy to get to speak with one of her favorites, Tina Thompson.

Candace Parker posted this picture of her at the autograph table, with a scowling Kristi Tolliver over her shoulder. She also posted a video of herself dancing with the Spark kids. Looks like a good time was had by all.

MW and I then talked about what’s wrong with the Sparks right now that they’d start 0-3. Sparks fans we know, and that post on the Sparks board, range from those like us who are very concerned, to those who are practically hysterical and/or are calling for Coach Jennifer Gillom’s head and/or their money back.

MW thinks Gillom does inspire players with her passion, but she needs more coaching skills to go with that passion. I said that General Manager Penny Toler has been trying so hard the last three years, especially, to assemble an amazing team. For whatever reason, it hasn’t been working. Someone needs to figure out why.

All this and we have only seen the Sparks in person once, in a pre-season game May 8. Their home opener is this Friday, with another homer Sunday. They better win at least one of those.