More on the Sparks

Coach Jennnifer Gillom made her cut decisions based on how well players performed under pressure. Not surprising in the least. I had some guesses as to who she’d be cutting based on her reactions during last Saturday’s pre-season game against San Antonio.

Here’s a good piece that coaches of all levels should read. The bold type is mine:

“The atmosphere is a lot easier,” Thompson said. “There’s a lot less tension.” Thompson stipulated that she wasn’t saying there was negative tension last season under Cooper, but only that there was a pressure to perform and a general tone of seriousness that might not have been as conducive to bringing out the best in her teammates, especially the younger players.

The former Houston Comet contrasted last year’s vibe with Gillom’s effect on the current atmosphere on the Sparks. “There’s an easiness, [Coach Gillom] makes people comfortable. She’s always talking and overflowing with positives to make people more confident and comfortable with themselves.”

With that kind of team mentality, maybe they will be cutting down nets sometime the next few years. Today’s game will definitely set the tone.