Defibrillator March Madness

What to say after not one but two buzzer-beaters propelled Baylor and Stanford, respectively, to the Final Four?

On a night when Baylor freshman sensation Brittney Griner set an NCAA Tournament record for blocks?

When Xavier senior Dee Dee Jernigan missed two wide open layups and ended her career doing ‘the crawl’ across the court?

1. This great tournament might make up for the fact that the championship game will likely be one-sided again.

2. Brittney Griner is one player who has truly lived up to every bit of the hype she got before coming to college. Any doubts I had about her have all been removed. Barring injury, she could be one of the greatest of all time when her career is over.

3. I was texting throughout the game with a fantastic high school basketball coach that I know. His comment after the Stanford-Xavier game was: “If you can’t make a wide open layup under the basket, you don’t deserve to go to the Final Four.” Perhaps he’s right.

4. Is Stanford not really all that after all? I thought they were the only ones that would seriously challenge UConn.

5. I’m so pleased to be wrong about Duke making the Final Four. And I wonder about Baylor’s next three years with Griner. It’s scary to contemplate.

6. These kind of games are hard on the system, but they’re the reason the term “March Madness” came about in the first place. Great stuff.

7. Will Kentucky-Oklahoma take it to the wire too?