Surprises all over the place

It’s worthy noting, as this blogger did, that USC Coach Michael Cooper turned down a WNIT invitation the other day when his Trojans weren’t selected for the NCAA Tournament. But why didn’t the blogger ask Cooper why? I’m curious to know. USC was shocked at not being selected.

Video links of Cooper’s reaction and the team reaction.

The University of Minnesota can’t sign any local players. It seems like every college is accused of that at some point or another.

I knew this article would be written when I saw this pairing Monday night: Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer sure as hell wishes her team wasn’t facing Iowa in the first round.

I learned so much from this piece. 1. That there’s a high school called Boys and Girls High School. 2. That they have a female coach who has coached the boy’s basketball team there to a New York Public Schools championship. 3. That some feel this coach, Ruth Lovelace, would be a perfect replacement at Seton Hall for recently resigned Phyllis Mangina. Very interesting.

Despite the factual and spelling errors (Coach Harper’s name, for instance), this is still a pretty good write-up on UCLA’s NCAA berth.

In WNBA news, twins Kelly and Coco Miller will play again once more, as both were signed to the Atlanta Dream today. Two other former teammates were reunited too, as Devanei Hampton signed with the Storm. I hope she works out, because she and the Storm’s Ashley Walker did great things together at Cal.