Coming into the madness season

There are quite a few college teams that are in the “rebuilding” or “creating” stage this year with new or relatively new coaches. One is North Carolina State, and that school’s Alumni Association has an unusually in-depth interview with Assistant Coach Jon Harper that is more than worth a read. I can’t think of any other questions they could have asked him.

Might as well gift wrap the Pac-10 title and give it to Stanford right now. *Yawn*

Florida A&M lost to Howard by one last night. Of course they’re heartbroken, and I can relate. One of my kids’ high school teams lost in the playoffs last night by two points. Once again, the double-edged sword of basketball rears its head: your greatest love can be your greatest heartbreak. And again I say: hang in there, girls. Keep those heads up.

Oh, it hurts, though.