Sparks 75, Fever 63

Great to see some of my favorite former players for other teams on the Indiana Fever once again, as well as the amazing Tamika Catchings. Even better to see the Sparks win another one at home.

Noelle Quinn has been a boon for the Sparks. She IS the “Spark plug” for games the last several weeks. Don’t know what’s keeping her going and developing, but I like it.

Lisa Leslie passed the 6000-point mark last night – very commendable. She didn’t even know she was about to break the record, either, which she said was a good thing. Wonder when Candace Parker will reach that mark?

Leslie was looking more like the LL of the past, and Parker continues to look more like her Before Baby self. Very encouraging. I’m still not sure if they will make the playoffs, but if they keep it up like they have the last week, they will at least not end the season looking like punks.

So sad Betty Lennox didn’t play again! What is wrong with her knee? Also bummed that Vanessa Hayden didn’t step on the court, but I guess with LL back there’s less of a need for her.

What’s up with the third-quarter Sparks meltdowns? They were trying to give this one away for a bit.

I can’t believe I’m going back to Staples again tonight.

This picture could have either caption: 1. Great new warm-ups! (Why doesn’t MFH have some?) 2. #@%$, Betty isn’t playing again!

Early third-quarter action.

The great Tamika Catchings on defense.

Noelle Quinn puts up a shot with 1:07 to play that put the Sparks up for good.

Class of ’07 and former PAC-10 rivals Quinn and Eshaya Murphy hug after the game.