Good girls don’t always finish last

Two of the nicest and hardest-working almost former WNBA players were signed by the Fever today:

Jessica Moore and Shay Murphy to Indiana

Moore had an outstanding training camp with the Sparks before she was cut. She had obviously worked hard on her game this winter, and on any other team that wasn’t stacked with four Olympians in the front court, she would have made it. Now she’s getting her chance.

Murphy was such a fun player to watch at USC, whether on the court or off – where she would celebrate big plays by walking down the bench and slapping hands with each teammate. She was unfairly relegated to the Minnesota bench for the longest. Maybe she can get some PT with the Fever.

Of course, it’s unfortunate that Erica White and Khadijah Whittington had to be waived for these acquisitions to happen…..such is life in the 11-player roster days.