Resilience = Kiesha Brown

Brown, 30, knows nothing is guaranteed, but that didn’t stop her from driving to Connecticut in the middle of the night. Given a heads-up by her agent that the Sun were interested, Brown started the trek from Washington, D.C. on Tuesday night, even though she hadn’t cleared waivers yet.

Arriving in the state around 3:30 a.m., she slept six hours, woke up to meet Thibault and officially cleared at 3:30 p.m.

“This is all new for me,” Brown said. “In the eight years I’ve been in the league, the cuts and the waiver wire and everything that has to take place in its own time, at this point, I try not to worry about it. You just kind of have to base it on chance and fate. So I’m all or nothing; I didn’t want to be half here or half there. So I told Coach Thibault, ‘I’m bringing everything.’ ”

“Yeah, I remember that play”

The Sun also picked up Ketia Swanier yesterday, and the Mercury/LifeLock waived Alison Bales.