The cost of the card and postage? $3.50. The value of the return card? Priceless.

Back in February I sent a card to Coach Pat Summitt congratulating her on her 1000th win. Tonight I got home from work and found a card from The University of Tennessee Women’s Basketball Office in my mailbox. On the back flap it reads, “National Champions * 87 * 89 * 91 * 96 * 97 * 98 * 07 * 08. It was addressed to me personally, and the note to me inside was in the same writing – Coach Summitt’s.

Among other things, she said she appreciated me acknowledging “our” 1000th win, referring to her coaching staff. Very gracious of her, but there’s only one person behind every one of those many, many wins, and that’s her.

I’d heard Coach Summitt writes thank you notes, but I’d never been the recipient of one before. My being floored that she’d take the time to write back to a fan is eclipsed only by the card itself, which is now one of my favorite possessions.

My spring season is made.