Candace makes cover of ESPN

OOO, interesting:

Parker has always been unflappable, an ocean of calm, the by-product of clear intention and unprecedented success. “I remember when we played at DePaul,” says legendary Lady Vols head coach Pat Summitt. “Candace was maybe 12, and she came up to me to get a picture. I remember looking up at her and thinking, Wow! When she walked away, I said, ‘Who is that?’ She was mature beyond her years.”

Oh, great! Just tell her she can’t, and that’s the best thing for the Sparks:

The important thing, everyone agrees, is to get the basketball player back on the court. “No C-section, that’s the biggest thing,” Parker says. “I’m stubborn. I’ve been through knee, ankle, shoulder injuries. I feed off of doubt, people telling me I won’t be able to come back. We’ll see about that.” She says she’s training hard, prepping to play as soon as July, two months after her due date. The dedication pleases Team Parker very much.

Ah, I knew it:

Parker does demand a lot from herself. She insists on making her own way. “I just want to be who I am,” she says. And who is that? Parker carefully considers her answer. “I’m very sensitive,” she ventures shyly. “Not many people know that. I don’t like to show my emotions. I may go behind the door and cry, but I’m not going to cry in front of anybody.”

…..which goes along with the last sentences of the first paragraph…..I never could understand why some people on rebkell have called her arrogant:

She’s nice, too. Sweet, even. Kind to animals and children, she is the sort of woman who worries about others more than about herself, a saint in high-tops.