It’s hard out here for a hoop head

City scores from last night:

Washington 51, El Camino Real 26
Fairfax 77, Carson 69
Taft 65, Westchester 54
Chatsworth 76, Dorsey 57

I bet the Fairfax-Carson game was a good one, because those two good teams are evenly matched.

Tomorrow night’s City Section semi-finals will both be at 7 p.m.:

Washington at Taft

Fairfax at Chatsworth

It’s harder to track down Southern Section games. For one thing, there are 12 divisions, and thus 12 spidery brackets – so much to keep track of. The Southern Section website doesn’t usually have updated scores on the brackets, but I wouldn’t know because I can’t open the spreadsheet on my PC. The LA Times is spotty at best, and is bad at best. All I know is that there haven’t been any major upsets yet. Mater Dei, Brea Olinda, Cajon, Foothill, Long Beach Poly – all the super-powered teams I’ve seen this season are all still in it. The question is, where? The next round is Saturday, so I’m sure some news hound will figure it out and put the info on

They better. Because regardless of the outcome of tomorrow night’s game (I’m going to the Prep-Taft rematch), I’ll be jonesing for another game like Tyrone the Crack Addict by Saturday night.