Yesterday, today, tomorrow

So, yesterday.

ASU kicked the butts of UCLA, Oregon beat Washington, WSU beat OSU, and USC had to take it to OT to defeat Arizona. Things are normal in the Pac-10, in other words.

I got home in time to hear the online broadcast of Tennessee vs. Mississippi State. I was housecleaning and listening and cursing/yelling. Three times I stopped to hold a Vol in light because she had gone down with an injury. First it was Alex Fuller, then Kelley Cain, then Shekinna Stricklen. Even the UT announcer said the Vols were “dropping like flies.” I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt, and Tennessee preserved their all-time winning record over MSU.

So, today.

I’m going to try and figure out this California Community Colleges Athletics Association website over the weekend, because it’s still not showing the stats for the conferences. I emailed one of the officers, so I’ll try those instructions tomorrow when I’m awake.

But I went to see my girls play in their Juco game (again) tonight, and for the second time this week, they won.

The minute the buzzer sounded, I was (literally) running out to my car to catch the rest of the Carson-Washington Prep game – a rematch of last week’s semi-final game at the Fairfax Tournament. I wanted to see if last week’s game was a fluke.

It wasn’t.

Prep got out to a strong start and lead at the half, 29-16. Kejuana Gardner, aka Kiwi, and Reshanda Gray, aka Too Tall, lead their team in scoring.

The third quarter stayed pretty much the same, with both teams exchanging baskets but no runs made on either side. It was 40-29 to end it.

In the fourth quarter, Carson made a run about halfway through, on the strength of a few threes. It only took about 90 seconds for Prep to get it together, though, and take a six-point lead back up to nine. Only because of a last-second three was the final score 51-44. Prep looked good.

So, tomorrow.

Eventually, all games will be webcast at the very least. While we wait for that technology, we have audio.

Umpqua Community College games will now be audiocast on: Next game is tomorrow at 4 p.m. I’m excited!

If anyone has links of other game audiocasts they’d like to share, please post.

So, blast from the past.

Prior to the 2007 City Section Finals, the LA Times did a story on the Washington Prep Lady Generals and what they meant to the school. Accompanying this piece was a really cute photo of point guard Mykiea Russell and forward Kejuana Gardner (see the Nov. 28, 2008 entry on this blog). After tonight’s game, I was inspired to look for this photo online, and I found it!

This is one of the reasons I like teaching high school – so many precious kids.

Mykia and Kejuanna