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Themes of our lives

College team news:

Is it time to worry about Tennessee?

Three reasons why No. 19 Marquette is still undefeated.

Today’s scores

Tomorrow’s game schedule

College player news:

Is Rori Harmon the best two-way guard in the country?

Rebounding ace Lauren Gustin and some fab freshmen have powered BYU to a surprising 8-2 start.

Friends and teammates at every turn, Claudia Langarita and Marta Suarez support each other again at Cal.

Why Missouri is holding off playing De’Myla Brown.

South Florida guard Sammie Puisis will miss the season with a knee injury.

College coach news:

Felisha Legette-Jack said the reason she was out for a time in October is that she had a non-cancerous brain tumor. She had three surgeries.

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