WNBA regular season resumes tomorrow

In the meantime……………

WNBA team news:

The Aces will be honored for their 2022 Championship at the White House.

They look to maintain their historic pace in the second half of the season, and claim another title.

Las Vegas players say expansion is important, but other issues should come first.

Consistency is key as regular-season play resumes.

WNBA player news:

Kelsey Mitchell and Aliyah Boston reflect on their first All-Star nods.

Boston has arrived.

WNBA owner news:

New Sky investor Dwayne Wade intends to be involved.

NCAA news:

The NCAA has announced the creation of a WNIT.

College team news:

HBCU teams will have another shot at postseason play.

College coach news:

Wake Forest has extended Megan Gebbia’s contract.

USA Basketball news:

The U23 3X3 Nations League team has been named.